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For our Yardi/MRI/AMSI users, EvictionAssistant is electronically married to your existing property management software’s delinquency reports, allowing for the error-free transfer of data between the two systems.

  • Creating a suit list is as easy as pressing a button to create your delinquency report in your property management software and sending that report to EvictionAssistant.
  • No more transposed names, numbers, addresses, or rents. And gone too are the days of spending days creating your suit list.
  • Create your suit list and submit them to EvictionAssistant in minutes, not hours.

Process Server Assistant

Process Server Assistant grants your process server unique, limited access to the accurate tenant data in your EvictionAssistant database, eliminating case-killing errors with tenant names and addresses on your process server’s affidavits. And like EvictionAssistant, Process Server Assistant can be easily configured to work with any affidavit form required by the courts in the user’s jurisdiction.