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The most comprehensive, practical, and user friendly landlord & tenant specific case and delinquency management system. EA is the result of a collaboration between experienced landlord and tenant attorneys, paralegals, property management professionals, and computer science professionals to address each party's needs in the fight against delinquency. Our cloud based solution affords attorneys, their clients, and/or in house property management 24/7/365 access to EA with virtually infinite scalability and upfront, transaction based pricing that allows users to share costs with, or pass on all costs to, the people ultimately responsible for using EA - the delinquent tenants - making EA virtually free to use. Since launching in May 2011, clients have processed over 1,000,000 cases using EA. We are proven, reliable, and forward thinking, welcoming your ideas to help shape EA. Moreover, our founder's law firm uses EA everyday, so you have a fully invested, interested operator at the helm.

EA's Exclusive "Dashboard" For Property Managers

  • EAs integration with every major property management software system allows you to create delinquency lists/suit requests in seconds with the click of a button. Set the minimum amount (Ex. $250) and EA will populate a suit list/request for all residents with a balance over $250.00. No more spending hours pouring over ledgers one at a time!
  • Centralized data, showing you all pending cases, trial dates, and status.
  • Attach media - ledgers, leases, notices, pictures - to a single case or a suit list with a click of the mouse.
  • Artificial Intelligence protects against double filing on the same residents.
  • Dynamic reporting capabilities help with annual budgeting, lease renewal decisions, court cost reports, judgment/dismissal/writ reports, and much more.
  • Document/data merging capabilities allow managers to create their own delinquency reminder letters, breach notices, mailing lists, etc.
  • Two way visibility allows property managers to make notes in the system to be seen by their attorney - i.e. "expect Apt. 204 to complain about peeling paint but work was completed two days ago. Work order attached,".
  • Artificial intelligence prevents filing writs too early and/or ordering writs on cases that were dismissed.
  • Audit logs and two way tracking features allow property managers and regional managers and owners to see work flow in real time, keeping both property managers and their attorneys accountable.
  • Dynamic log-in criteria allows property managers to control who can access information within EA, who can manipulate data in EA, and who can submit data through EA. Permission range from "all access" administrators to "read-only" staff members.

EA's Exclusive "Home Office" Provides Every Function an Attorney/Paralegal Needs:

  • Electric filing interface for seamless, push button e-filing with Lexis/Nexis File & Serve, Tyler Technologies, MyFlorida, and many other state e-filing systems.
  • Color coded Radar Screen, displaying every suit list in your system, arranged by sortable columns with court, county, trial date, property name, number of cases, when it was added, etc.
  • Quick search features query the database to find tenants, court dates, landlords, court assignments, etc.
  • Our exclusive Quick E-Mail function automates the process of updating clients, of seeking updates, for providing court results, and reminding clients of important deadlines. Custom e-mail messages can be saved and merged with data relevant to the property to make updates lightning quick. No more typing the same message over and over again!
  • Automated tracking system notes various events throughout the delinquency process, when the events were completed and by whom they were completed, eliminating uncertainty about when cases were sent to the attorney, when cases were filed, when cases were processed by the court, when trial dates were set, when results were reported, when writs were requested, and when evictions occurred.
  • Myriad reports help track expenses, judgment/dismissal/writ/eviction trends, detailed suit filing data property wide or for individual residents (to help determine renewals), audit logs to determine who accessed the system, when, and what was done, invoicing, mailing labels, trial calendars, etc.
  • Marry data to any document or pleading and enjoy the capacity to e-file, create laser printed forms, and multi-part forms, depending upon the filing requirements of your jurisdiction.
  • and more...

Process Server Assistant grants your process server unique, limited access to the accurate tenant data in your EvictionAssistant database, eliminating case-killing errors with tenant names and addresses on your process server’s affidavits. And like EvictionAssistant, Process Server Assistant can be easily configured to work with any affidavit form required by the courts in the user’s jurisdiction.