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  • COMING SOON: a new service to compliment, providing assistance with delinquency from the possessory process through collecting all sums owed. Please send all inquires to
  • Delaware e-filing support to "web fill" automatically from Eviction Assistant to Delaware eFlex filing site.
  • Batch process e-filing cases in MD in BETA testing.
  • Ability to file single e-filing cases in MD via new Tyler Technologies portal.


  • Now operational in California and Texas.
  • Strategic partner with Tyler Technologies for Maryland e-filing protocols.
  • New Dashboard automations to check for double filings and absolute judgments before submitting.
  • New Classic Portal (which will run on Apple OS) to be delivered by third quarter.


  • EvictionAssistant links to CaseFile Xpress for DC bulk electronic filings.
  • EvictionAssistant successfully submits electronic filings through Tyler Tech’s new electronic filings system interface.
  • New Dashboard software launched to complement Classic version web portal.
  • New Dashboard software radar screen to monitor important filing dates.


  • EvictionAssistant becomes BETA Tester for MD Court Systems new Tyler Technologies Electronic filing system.
  • Integration with AMSI property management software.
  • Integration with Rent Manager property management software.


  • Integration with RealPage OneSite.
  • Integration with Entrata Property Solutions.
  • EvictionAssisant launches in NJ and DE jurisdictions.


  • EvictionAssistant goes live with MRI integration.
  • EvictionAssistant goes live with Yardi integration.
  • EA attends and provides demonstration at Maryland Affordable Housing Coalition's Board of Directors Meeting.
  • EA attends and provides demonstration at PMExpo in Washington, DC.
  • EvictionAssistant launches in Philadelphia, PA. Our unique "WEB Filler" process automates filling in Suits & Writs from our database to the court's online website with the push of a button.


  • Launch of Process Server Assistant to ensure accuracy and to simplify filing affidavits by process servers.
  • Legal Technologies partners with MRI software to provide real time delinquency interface.
  • Enhanced SSL Security with 2048 bit encryption.
  • Legal Technologies moves to a more robust Microsoft Azure cloud service platform.
  • Legal Technologies partners with Yardi to provide real time delinquency interface.
  • New generic Excel import feature added to import any rent roll format to ease property setup.


  • Ability to add attachments from WEB interface.
  • Management Production reports and graphs added.
  • Automated bulk email processing.
  • New generic Excel import feature added to import any suit list format.


  • New PDF merger allows merging case data into any jurisdiction's PDF forms.
  • LexisNexis integration allows electronic suit submission.
  • Eviction Assistant launches in two new jurisdictions, DC and VA.
  • Eviction Assistant goes live in Maryland.